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Office of Enterprise Technology Awards

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Computerworld Honors Laureate Awards were Established in 1988, and celebrating its 25th anniversary, The Computerworld Honors Program brings together the men, women, organizations and institutions around the world whose visionary applications of information technology promote positive social, economic and educational change.

Educational Technology

Maricopa County Education Service Agency (MCESA), in collaboration with the Maricopa County Office of Enterprise Technology (OET), was named a 2013 Computerworld Honors Laureate for innovative uses of educational technology. MCESA and OET are partnering to deliver both instruction and assessments that provide solutions to education’s toughest challenges. This prestigious international award specifically acknowledged innovations in delivering both student instruction as well as professional development via interactive video conferencing, and delivering assessments for traditionally non tested subject areas using tablet computers.

MCESA’s Interactive Video Learning (IVL) program provides a highly qualified and highly effective teacher to geographic regions throughout Maricopa County that struggle to recruit teachers. It also empowers professional learning and collaboration opportunities for teachers who have been denied that chance due to geographic and financial limits.

MCESA is collaborating with school districts to provide valid and reliable assessments for traditionally non tested subject areas. These assessments, such as art, music, and physical education, are costly to print and distribute. By providing the assessments electronically, students are able to access high resolution material in a timely manner, and teachers are able to access the assessments results immediately. To view a video highlighting this work, visit



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The National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Awards are a testament to business aligned technology services and the partnerships created between the OET and various Maricopa County agencies. These partnerships allowed each project to move from conception to fruition, while addressing a myriad of process issues in a professional and methodical manner. The awards showcase staff creativity in solving difficult business process issues.


Ryan White Contract & Billing Management
The National Association of Counties (NACO) awarded Maricopa County a 2013 Achievement Award for the Ryan White Contract and Billing Management project.The Ryan White program manages contracts and billing for medical, dental, behavioral health and support services for people living with HIV.Funded by Part A of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Modernization Act, the program manages approximately $8 million of grant funds each year. Historically, a paper based process was used to manage service contracts and billing documents. This process was cumbersome and prone to errors. The Ryan White Part‐A Team worked with OET to implement a solution for automating the contract management and billing processes using the OnBase Electronic Document Management and Workflow System (EDMS).Efficiencies gained with the automated solution resulted in savings of more than $22,000 annually. Additionally, the solution supports the County’s efforts towards a “greener government” by drastically reducing the use of paper.
Vendor Registration Program
In a joint effort with the Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) the Department of Finance developed a solution to replace the previous Vendor Registration application, which collected minimal amounts of data and allowed anyone to register as a vendor regardless of whether or not they actually did business with Maricopa County. The new solution receives electronic forms from vendors after a contract is awarded. The forms enter an electronic approval process that automatically creates a vendor record in the Maricopa county financial system. Automated email notifications are sent to vendors with instruction on how to sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Additionally, the forms collect vendor contact and tax information, eliminating the need to collect separate Internal Revenue Service (IRS) W-9 forms for 1099 processing. The overall reduction in processing time has resulted in a savings of more than $20,800 annually.
Managing for Results Information System
Maricopa County’s Managing for Results Information System (MFRIS) is a comprehensive and integrated business intelligence management system and technology framework that focuses on achieving results for the customer. MFRIS integrates departmental strategic business plans, associated budgets, and performance measures focused on County government service needs and desired results. These collected metrics are used to gauge how effectively and efficiently the County is delivering results to its customers and to continuously drive, as all levels, throughout the County, improved decisions in ways not obvious or possible previously. The MFRIS Business intelligence (BI) technology framework facilitates and supports all aspects of data collection, information aggregation, and relationship mining that allows management a clear and complete view of results across the organization.
Assessor’s Appeals Management and Automation Project
The Maricopa County Assessor’s Office handles property valuation appeals for various property types. The appeals process that previously existed was an extremely manual activity. File folders were created for paper based appeal documents submitted by petitioners and physically transported to appropriate departments to complete the property valuation review process. This process was cumbersome, labor intensive, and error prone. For calendar year 2008, the Assessor’s Office handled approximately 26,000 appeals. This number was expected to increase significantly for the 2009 calendar year because the downturn in the economy resulted in a significant drop in property values. To provide the internal capacity to handle the increase in workload without adding personnel, there was an immediate need to streamline and automate the manual process. The Maricopa County Assessor’s Office partnered with the Maricopa County Office of Enterprise Technology to select and implement an Electronic Document Management Software system to replace the current manual property valuation appeals process. The new EDMS system utilizes electronic folders to route documents to the appropriate division for completion of the property valuation review process. The EDMS system streamlined the appeal process workflow, provided better visibility of staff workload for management, and aligned with Maricopa County’s Green Initiative by eliminating the need to print paper documents.
Department of Finance Electronic Document Management Program
Maricopa County has implemented an enterprise level Electronic Document Management Program (EDMP) which is supported by the establishment of a countywide infrastructure framework and disaster recovery program. The EDMP facilitates the electronic organization, storage, and access of 64 finance related document types that include but are not limited to Payment Vouchers, Invoices, Purchase Orders, 1099’s, Treasurer Cleared Warrants, Grant Entry Forms, Electronic Fund Transfers, Capital Asset forms, and other supporting documentation that are used by all County departments. The program interfaces with their current Advantage Financial System and with a few simple key strokes, many of the 1.3 million images of documents are available for immediate review. This eliminates the need for duplicate hardcopies of documents within each of the County’s 55 departments. The program has resulted in enhanced processes and new County-wide operational practices. While the EDMP has a direct impact on the strategic goals adopted by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, this initiative has taken their County closer to evolving into a highly competitive, connected enterprise. As a result of this program, other departments within Maricopa County have identified operational efficiencies including enhancing departmental processes and procedures in relation to converting to a paperless environment.


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