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Individual Empowerment
Strategic Priority Promote opportunities for and educate residents so they can improve their own circumstances and quality of life

County government is uniquely positioned to link Valley residents to a host of social service agencies, educational institutions, other governmental jurisdictions and private employers that can enhance their quality of life, their employment opportunities and their physical and social well being. Just as we believe that county government must relentlessly improve as a provider of public services, individuals must be given the opportunity and the resources to reach their own goals and be the best person they can be.

Many residents find themselves, at different stages of their lives, in economic and social distress. It is both prudent and compassionate for governments to lend assistance. It might be low-income children who need early education services to prepare them to be successful in school, the senior citizens who need help in order to continue living at home, or unemployed adults seeking additional training, career counseling and employer connections. Maricopa County, mainly through its Human Services Department, has the capacity to provide those links and empower those residents to achieve greater self sufficiency, a higher quality of life, reduce a burden on the public, and make a contribution to society as a whole and the county in particular.

FY 2011-2015 Strategic Goals:

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  • Strategic Goal #1: By 2014, 80% of Maricopa County citizens who received services through Human Services Department will acknowledge that these services helped improve their capacity to be self-sufficient.
  • Strategic Goal #2: By 2015, improve the career, college, and life readiness of Maricopa County youth as evidenced by having 85% of Maricopa County residents with educational attainment of at least a high-school diploma or equivalency.

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