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Fiscal Strength
Strategic Priority Exercise sound financial management and build the County’s fiscal strength

Maricopa County government continues to enjoy sound fiscal health despite a deep and prolonged recession. This is not by accident, but the result of cautious revenue projections, disciplined, structurally balanced budgeting with spending below anticipated revenues, close and continuous monitoring of revenues and expenditures and a pay-as-you-go approach to capital outlay, saving tens of millions each year in financing costs. Maricopa County Supervisors have set this practice as a continuing priority in the future. Without a firm fiscal footing, County government could not administer and deliver key public services to our citizens.

But governments at all levels will face formidable financial challenges in the future, particularly with depressed property values and the prospect of reduced federal funding because of the national deficit and debt crisis. The challenge is clear: The County must pursue relentless improvement in its service delivery. The County must be a national leader among large urban counties in providing and performing public services and functions at lower cost.

Additionally, the County should progress in its quest for “Fiscal Freedom,” assuming the local costs of state-mandated functions while reducing its mandated fixed contributions to the State of Arizona.

FY 2011-2015 Strategic Goals:

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  • Strategic Goal #1: By 2015, Maricopa County will be the low-cost leader among large urban benchmark counties as demonstrated by having the lowest cost on 100% of a basket of commonly provided services and functions.
  • Strategic Goal #2: By FY2015, mandated fixed contributions to the State of Arizona will be less than 20% of total General Fund operating revenues, a reduction of 11.9% from the FY2010 level.

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