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 Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Maricopa County, as an employer, must have copies of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in the workplace where hazardous chemicals are used under 29 CFR 1910.1200, Hazard Communication. The Occupational Health and Safety Division has compiled a comprehensive table, Maricopa County Hazardous Chemical Listing, dated June 2, 2003, (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to open, see below) listing all chemicals used by County employees at all locations. This Listing is updated every 6 months.

Employees for Maricopa County Public Health, please refer to your MSDS listing at the Public Health Web Center.

County Employees should note that not all these chemicals are present at all locations. County employees using chemicals should ask their supervisor for the location of all MSDS for chemicals in their specific workplace. Reliance on this list is not acceptable under the Haz Com standard.

If the employee, or the employee's supervisor, does not understand what an MSDS is, how to read an MSDS, or where they are located, he/she should contact the County Safety Office at 602-506-8601 for assistance. Remember, SAFETY works both ways - employees and employers are responsible for the SAFE operations.

To learn more about the Hazard Communication Standard, you can go to OSHA's Hazard Communication page, or by entering "29 CFR 1910.1200" as directed on the National Archives and Records Administration, Code of Federal Regulations page.


 Incompatible Material

The staff of the County's Safety Office periodically inspect all County facilities and include a review of chemicals used and stored at these sites. Many chemicals used and stored together may be incompatible. The Navel Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Training Center has prepared an "Incompatible Materials Chart" which identifies 22 material groups, lists the incompatible groups, and indicates the reaction(s) if mixed.

 MSDS Information Links

There are many Safety Data Sheets available based on manufacturers' mixing specifications. Since there is no absolute standardization required, only certain OSHA-mandated criteria, here are just a few sites on the internet that you can access available MSDSs or links to other sites and locations that may provide you with the results you are searching:

Disclaimer: These SDS links have been posted as general information for increasing safety awareness. The Safety Division's web site and pages are provided for information purposes only. Information on this web page is subject to change without notice. Maricopa County does not accept any liability to any person for the information or advice (or the use of such information or advice) that is provided, on the basis that all persons accessing the site undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content. No liability is accepted for any information or services that may appear in any other format. We make every effort to insure the integrity and validity of the data on the web page, however, we assume no responsibility for any information or services that may appear on any linked web sites. Continued use of this web site signifies that you have accepted the terms of the disclaimer.

Last updated: 22 March 2012, jld

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