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Adult Immunizations

Costs & Immunizations


Adults may receive immunizations at our clinic, located at 1645 E. Roosevelt Street in Phoenix. We accept walk-ins on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, or call (602) 506-6909 to schedule an appointment.

We do not provide consultations OR vaccinations for foreign travel during walk-in clinics.


We do not participate as a Medicare provider. It is likely that you will not be reimbursed by Medicare for immunization services that we provide.


Available Adult Immunizations:

Please click on the vaccine name to view the PDF information sheet in English or Spanish. For information sheets in other languages, please visit


Hepatitis A Adult (en Español) $67.00 per dose 2 0, 6mo-12mo
Hepatitis B Adult (en Español) $76.00 per dose 3 0, 1-2mo, 4-6mo
Hep A and B combo (18 years or older) $97.00 per dose 3 0, 1mo, 6mo
Hib (Haemophilus Influenzae type b) (en Español) $59.00 per dose 1 Per Visit
Meningitis vaccine/Menactra (en Español) $150.00 1 Per visit
Meningitis vaccine/Menomune (en Español) $158.00 1 Per visit
MMR (Measles, Mumps, & Rubella) (en Español) $97.00 per dose 2 Per visit
Pneumococcal vaccine (en Español) $106.00 1 Per visit
Polio injectable (IPV) (en Español) $68.00 1 Per visit
Prevnar 13 (en Español) $180.00 1 Per visit
Rabies IM vaccine (pre-exposure) (en Español) $277.00 per dose 3 0, 7, 21-28 days
Rabies IM vaccine (post-exposure) (en Español) $277.00 per dose 5 0, 3, 7, 14, and 28 days
TB skin test with Health Card $65.00 1 Per visit
Tetanus Diptheria (TD) (en Español) $63.00 1 Per visit
TDAP (en Español) $74.00 1 Per visit
Varicella vaccine (Chicken Pox) (en Español) $133.00 per dose 2 0 and 30 days

Zoster (Shingles) (en Español)

$211.00 1 Per visit

* Prescription from a physician is required.



We accept the following forms of payment: cash, MasterCard, VISA or American Express. Sorry, we do not accept personal checks and we do not bill insurance companies.


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Contact Us

Adult Immunizations


Street Address:

1645 E. Roosevelt St.
Phoenix, AZ 85006






Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Call to schedule an appointment or
walk-ins accepted from 1 - 4 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays.