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Registration of a Home Birth


The Maricopa County Office of Vital Registration registers the birth of children born at home or outside a licensed birthing facility or hospital. Parents are encouraged to make an appointment with our office to register the home birth event within 7 days of the event to 1 year of birth.


Our experienced, knowledgeable Deputy Local Registrars will meet with you and document the events of the birth. We are available Monday-Friday from 8:00am-4:30pm. Once the required information is verified, the new birth will be registered and the birth certificate will be available for issuance of certified copies.


Please read the information below thoroughly so you may be prepared to complete your new child’s home birth registration.


Remember - Please allow time if the birthing information provided to the Office of Vital Registration was incomplete or needs to be completed and/or verified.


What to expect from your home birth registration process

  1. The birth mother makes an appointment with our Central Phoenix office for a home birth registration. An appointment* time will be provided

    • *Please bring the new child to the appointment

  2. The birth mother will complete the Certificate of Live Birth packet with one of our Deputy Local Registrars. Please bring all required factual documents to this appointment (see below)

  3. Once the packet has been completed and signed by the birth mother, the Deputy Local Registrars will review and verify the provided factual documentation

  4. Before the birth can be recorded, the Attendant to the birth must also come into our office and sign the completed Certificate of Live Birth form, if they are unable to be at the appointment

    • The attendant is the person who was present during or immediately after the birth and who is at least 18 years of age

    Required Factual Documents:

  • Two (2) independent factual documents are required to establish that both the mother and the child were present in Arizona at the time of the birth

  • Common examples provided could include: Medical records, utility bills, public assistance document, etc

  • Both documents must be from the month and year in which the child was born and list the mother's name and address at the time and date of the child’s birth. It must also show the date the bill or service was established


After the packet has been completed and the 2 independent factual documents have been submitted, our Deputy Local Registrars will verify the information provided. Note, additional factual documents may be required.


Once the information has been reviewed, verified and accepted, the new child’s birth certificate will be created. Certified copies of the new certificate will become available for issuance to eligible applicants within 3 business days.


Each registration process is unique and some registrations may require more time for issuance.


Please read the eligibility tab below for specific eligibility information and our fees, forms of payment and acceptable IDs required to make a successful application for certified copies.


Adding the child’s father to the certificate if the parents were not married at the time of birth or prior

    If the parents are not married at the time of birth or in the preceding 10 months of the birth, an Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP) form must also be completed and submitted for the preparation of the child’s birth certificate. Make sure that both parents sign the paternity form and have their signature notarized on the paternity form. Parents may print and download this form from our website and have both parents signatures notarized on the form prior to attending their Home Birth registration appointment.


    If a court order was obtained to determine paternity, please bring the certified copy of this paternity order to your Home Birth registration appointment.


    All of these forms and/or accompanying court order must be provided before the father can be added to the child’s birth certificate.


What happens if the child’s birth is NOT registered after 1 year of their birth?

    In Arizona, once the child has reached 1 year of age you will need to register the birth as a delayed birth. This is done at the State Office of Vital Records. Please be aware that state laws require additional factual documentation be provided to register this birth event.

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Contact and Hours:

Ph: 602-506-6805
Hrs: 8:00am-4:30pm

Please arrive by 4:00pm



$20-Certified Copy
$5-Non certified copy (for Gov’t Agency use only)


Forms of Payment:
• Visa or MasterCard
• Money Order
• Cashier’s Check
• Cash
(in person ONLY)


How to Apply:
• In person
• By Mail
• Online (fees apply)