Registering in BidSync

To register as a vendor in the BidSync system, you must complete the registration form. Once your application has been submitted, the activation process may take up to 24 hours.

1.  Navigate to the BidSync Supplier Registration form for Links Portal to Government Bidding

2.  Fill out the fields under Main Contact and Company Information

3.  Click the Next Step » button

4.  The next step will ask you which Primary Industry you are in.

5.  Following your selection of Industry, you will be asked to input at least 3 Keywords to describe what you do. These will ultimately determine what kind of bids you are notified about.

6.  Based upon the keywords you enter you will then be given a list of Suggested Keywords. You will want to review and check any of the keywords that relate to your business.

7.  Next, select where you do business:

8.  You can select to receive the BidSync Links PLUS bid Notifications:

a.  Links PLUS requires a paid subscription and is not necessary to participate in Maricopa County’s solicitations.

b.  Leaving the check-mark checked at the bottom of this section will give you some visibility into Links PLUS bid opportunities.  However, if you did not choose to subscribe to the PLUS service, then you will not be able to see complete information about those additional bids.

9.  Then click the Next Step » button

10.  You will then see a checklist of NIGP codes.  These codes determine which bids you will receive notifications for.  Choose the code(s) that most accurately describe your company.

a.  The codes listed on this page are taken from the keywords that you selected in steps 5 and 6 above.  You can go back and change steps 5 and 6 if you are not seeing NIGP codes that accurately classify your company.

11.  Click the Next Step » button

12.  You can now log in and view bid information.  Please allow one business day for BidSync to review and confirm your registration.  You will have “read only” access and will not be able to place offers, ask questions, etc., until we have confirmed your account.  If you need immediate assistance and would like to have your account confirmed immediately, please contact BidSync Support at 800-990-9339.