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Annual Preparedness Survey

Annual Preparedness Survey
America’s PrepareAthon!

Maricopa County is conducting its annual preparedness survey in conjunction with America’s PrepareAthon!

Please participate today by taking this important survey. Emergency planners use survey information to refine estimates of resources and services required during an emergency. Services include sheltering, transportation, and alert and warning communications.

It’s also a great way to see where YOU may have gaps in your own PERSONAL or FAMILY emergency plans should a disaster strike.

The survey is voluntary, confidential, available in English and Spanish, and will be made available through May 15.

Share this invitation with your family and friends, co-workers, community and faith-based groups, and neighbors. Spread the word about the importance of preparedness!

This effort is part of Maricopa County’s goal to promote individual and family preparedness. For more information, about preparedness, visit


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