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Preparedness Month - Stay Connected

Preparedness Month – Stay Connected


During a disaster, you want to be able to communicate to your family and friends or be able to call 9-1-1 for assistance. Sometimes communication lines can be down and power can be lost. Below are some tips to help communicate in the event of a disaster.


1.    Make sure you have an out of state contact that your whole family knows in case you need to evacuate.

2.    Have your “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) number programmed, written down and readily available.

3.    Teach kids to memorize the phone number they would call in case of an emergency.

4.    Cell phone reception may be down during a disaster so tune-in to broadcast and radio news for important news alerts.

5.  Keep charged batteries and car-phone chargers available for back-up power to your cell phone.

6.  If you have a traditional landline phone, keep at least one non-cordless phone in your home because it will work even if you lose power.

7.    Register your cell phone with Community Emergency Notification System (CENS) for emergency notifications in your area here.

8.    Follow Maricopa County Emergency Management on Twitter, Facebook, and our website for trusted information.


For more information on how to prepare to communicate before and during an emergency, click here. 


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