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Preparedness Month - Make a Kit

Having enough food and water to survive without electricity for 72 hours could be key to you and your family’s survival during a disaster. Building a kit in advanced is a way to be prepared for such an event.


1.      Make sure you have enough water and food to last at least three days without electricity.

2.      Keep an emergency kit in your house full of essentials such as water, non-perishable food, batteries, flashlight, blankets, tools, duct tape, trash bags, manual can opener, first aid kit, medical information, prescriptions, and a change of clothes. Keep items in an easily transportable container such as a duffle bag, plastic bin, or backpack.

3.      Buy items for your kit that has a long shelf-life and will not spoil, do not require cooking, can be stored easily, and have a low salt content.

4.      Don’t forget about your pet; make sure they have food and other supplies in your kit.

5.      Put together a first aid kit and keep one at home, one at work, and one in each vehicle.

6.      Think about how you would purify water and keep items needed in your kit. Visit the CDC for more information on how to purify water.

7.      Consider keeping the following items in your kit and visit for more ideas:

a.      Mess kit-cups, plates, utensils

b.      Emergency contact list

c.       Battery operated radio

d.      Extra batteries

e.      Flashlight

f.        Duct tape

g.      Matches

h.      Manuel can opener

i.        Signal flare

j.        Plastic sheeting

k.       Personal hygiene kit

l.        Extra change of clothes

m.    Non perishable food


For more information visit Maricopa County Emergency Management’s website or visit us on Twitter or Facebook


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