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Animal Care & Control Launches Innovative Tool

(Phoenix, September 3, 2013) – During FY12/13, Maricopa County Animal Care Control (MCACC) took in 33,262 stray animals (this number does not include owner surrenders). Approximately 12% of those dogs and cats were reunited with their owners. In an attempt to increase the number of lost animals returned home, MCACC has developed an interactive mapping tool that will assist pet owners in their search for lost animals. This innovative tool is the first of its kind among animal control agencies in the United States.

Pet owners who have lost their animal can find a link to the mapping tool by visiting The map allows users to perform various searches, including entering the cross streets of where their pet was last seen; entering a home address; or, by using GPS to determine an owner’s current location and searching from that point. The map contains a series of circles and triangles. Circles represent dogs and triangles represent cats that have been picked up by MCACC Animal Control Officers. Pet owners can click on any circle/triangle in their designated search area. Once a circle/triangle is clicked, a window opens to display the date and address where the animal was picked up, breed description, and in many cases, a photo. There is also an Animal ID number, which MCACC assigns to each animal in its care. If an owner identifies their dog or cat, they can call MCACC and learn which Animal Care Center is housing their pet.

 "This tool is a great use of technology, not just for people, but also for their pets. We’re proud that Maricopa County Animal Care & Control continues to find innovative ways to help our community," commented Maricopa County Board Supervisor Andy Kunasek.

Maricopa County Animal Care & Control is a full service animal welfare agency with shelter, adoptions, field services, licensing and education programs. Our mission is to promote and protect the health, safety, and welfare of people and pets in Maricopa County.


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