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Patient Satisfaction Survey Results

Due to the nature of the correctional setting, patients do not have the opportunity to select their health care providers. Evaluating patient satisfaction is an effective tool to identify patient opinion regarding their health care experiences. Analysis of this data provides health care staff an opportunity to evaluate health care services, identify problematic areas, develop action plans, and implement change.  Correctional Health Services developed a Patient Satisfaction Survey to gather data regarding patient opinions of the care and treatment they received from medical and mental health services.

A seven question survey using a 4 point Likert Scale was developed and approved by executive management and the Medical Director to assess the level of patient satisfaction regarding their health care.  The surveys are intended to be voluntary and anonymous. Survey was available in English and Spanish. Patients are instructed to not add any identifying information to their survey. The survey was provided to patients seen for medical and mental health services for 5 days from January 9 through January 13, 2012.  Dental completed Patient Satisfaction Surveys on one date in November 2011. 

Overall results reflect an increase in overall satisfaction with increases in every question.

Analyze and report results to the Continuous Quality Improvement council. Provide clinic specific results to individual clinic CQI teams.  Perform Patient Satisfaction Surveys on an ongoing basis.


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