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Drainage Review Board

The purpose of the Drainage Regulations for Maricopa County is to promote and protect health, peace, safety and general welfare. These regulations apply to all development of land conditions that may affect drainage systems and patterns. The regulation defines a drainage system as any system or feature over which storm waters flow and development as any man made change to the property. This regulation also has the definition of drainage as runoff which flows over land as a result of precipitation. This definition includes sheet flow and flows which may be concentrated, with or without a defined channel.

The regulation is written to be liberally interpreted and to set the minimal requirements for development. Thus, interpretations of the regulation are specifically meant to err toward public safety. To that end, specific powers are granted to the Drainage Administrator with regards to setting policies, standards, rules and submittal requirements.

The regulation includes a public hearing relief process, through the Drainage Review Board, the only authority that can grant a variance. A Drainage Variance is not a variance from the process, but rather on the regulatory restrictions of development. The Board can also hear appeals to interpretations of the Drainage Regulations by the Drainage Administrator. There is a specific process to seek a hearing on an appeal.

In Maricopa County, the Board of Adjustment also performs as the Drainage Review Board. For meeting schedules, agenda and staff reports, see Board of Adjustment.

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