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Substantive Policy Statements

Title Number
Access to Property 2000-67
Accessory Structures Connected to Gas Lines 2013-17
Adaptive Reuse Program 2013-23
Addressing 2001-24
Adult Business Ordinance; Massage Establishments 2004-02
Applicability of Drainage Fee Schedule 2011-06
As Built Structures 2011-10
Building Permits; Open Violation Cases 2006-05
Change of Contractor or Owner 2007-05
Civilian Witnesses 2000-81
Code Complaints; Federal, Indian Community & Arizona State Lands 2002-07
Code Complaints; Submitted to CA or Hearing Officer 2000-78
Code Enforcement (Closing Violation Cases) 2013-13
Combining Separate Lots 2001-14
Compliance Inspection Permits 2011-02
Compliance Permits: Intake and Inspections 2008-01
Construction Storage and Office Trailers 2012-12
County Owned Facilities 2014-01
Credit and Collections Policies 2010-01
Discharge of Firearms 2012-03
Drainage Modification Fees 2012-06
Dwelling Unit; Number of Allowable Kitchens; Definition 2013-06
Electrical Permits for Private Water Systems Shared Wells 2013-15
Electronic Seal and Electronic Signature Policy 2011-07
Engineered Grading and Drainage Plans 2011-08
Enhanced Regulatory Outreach Program 2013-04
Exempted Properties 2013-16
Expedited Permit Applications 2003-10
Expedited Permit Process 2012-11
Fees; Plan Revisions After Issuance 2000-83
Final Plats 2012-05
Final Subdivision Plats, Related Infrastructure, G and D 2003-11
Fire Rating for Accessory Structures 2011-11
General Comprehensive Plan Amendment – Public Participation Requirements 2013-01
Grading/Drainage 2000-69
Kennel; Definition 2013-14
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Containers and Fuel Gas Piping 2013-19
Liquor Licenses; Golf Course Driving Ranges, Club Houses 2013-07
Manufactured Housing 2011-03
Methods of Calculating Weighted Runoff Values for Subdivisions 2013-03
Model Home Complexes 2011-09
Mounted Cowboy Shooting 2012-02
Patent Easements 2011-05
Plan Modification Fees 2013-18
Plan Review, Permit, and Inspection Responsibilities 2011-04
Plans of Development 2012-07
Plat Notes; Affidavits of Correction 2001-04
Plat Notes; Procedures 2009-01
Power Plants Permits 2013-09
Preliminary Plats 2013-21
Professional Registrant's Seals on Building Plans 2004-06
Public Records Request 2001-07
Quality of Life Fee 2013-24
Requirements and Procedures for Public, Charter and Private School Permits 2013-22
Requirements for Electrical Services 2012-13
Requirements for Fence, Wall and Pool Barrier 2012-15
Requirements For Site Plan Submittals And Permit Applications 2012-10
Reroofing 2013-12
Residential Facility 2006-02
Standard Plans 2008-06
Street Name Change 1999-44
Subdivisions, Replats and Lot Splits 2013-10
Summons 2000-82
Temporary Use Permits 2013-08
Utility Permits 2013-11
Verification of a Sewage Disposal System 2013-05
Violation Cases in Administrative Remedy 2013-20
Zoning for Agricultural and Equestrian Uses 2012-01
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