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Lost Pet
Interactive Search Tool

For help using this tool, click here

Proactively Locate a Lost Pet:

  • Check our hours and locations page for shelter hours.
  • Use our Interactive Search Tool or the PetHarbor site. Our Interactive Search Tool now allows people who have found pets to post flyers. Make sure you search all the Found pet postings for your area.
  • Post flyers in the neighborhood where the pet was lost. Ask elementary schools in your area if you can post a flyer – kids often notice animals. Feel free to use our Sample Flyer.
  • Talk to your neighbors, letter carrier, and paper deliverer to see if anyone has spotted your pet.
  • Post a Lost Pet ad on Craig's List, Lost Dogs Arizona Facebook page, and/or Straydar Facebook page
  • Place an ad in the local paper and offer a reward. Also check the found ads.
  • Most important, keep looking for at least ten days. Many pets are found by members of the public who may not bring the animal in to a shelter for several days.

I lost my pet. Do you have him? Due to the large volume of animals that we take in, we are unable to tell you over the phone or by email if we have your pet in our care. As we don't want to give you wrong information, please visit both our West and East Valley Animal Care Centers every two days to look for your lost pet. You can also use our Interactive Search Tool as a resource in the search for your lost pet.

How long does MCACC keep stray dogs or cats? By law, we are required to hold stray animals for 72 hours. This allows time for an owner to claim their lost pet.

What happens if the dog or cat is not claimed? Our staff evaluates each animal and if they physically and mentally healthy, the animals will be sent to a rescue group or put up for adoption.

Search for Your Lost Pet

Prior to visiting our Interactive Mapping Tool, there are several things that you must know to get the most out of your search experience:

  1. To search for your pet, click on the magnifying glass in the upper right side of your screen. You will have several search options:
    • Type in the address or major intersection of where your pet was last seen
    • Use GPS to find your current location on the map and search from there
    • Type the name of the property owner for the address where your pet was last seen
  2. Click on any circle Ο (represents dogs) or triangle Δ (represents cats) and a smaller window will appear with the following information:
    • Type of animal (dog/cat)
    • Date it was found by field officers, or brought to the shelter by a citizen (intake date)
    • Primary and Secondary Breeds
    • Address or cross streets where the animal was found
    • If available, there will be a photo of the animal
  3. If this is your animal, please call (602) 506‑7387 and let MCACC staff know you are calling about your lost pet. There is an Animal ID number at the top of the small window; you will need to give MCACC staff that number (the number will begin with "A").
  4. MCACC staff will direct you to the shelter location where your animal is being housed (2500 S. 27th Ave, Phoenix OR 2630 W. Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa).

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