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Clint L. Hickman
Maricopa County Supervisor, District 4

Clint Hickman, a fourth-generation Arizonan from one of the West Valley’s most prominent families and businesses, was appointed to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors March 21, 2013. Hickman was elected in 2014 to finish out former Supervisor Max Wilson’s term. Hickman vowed to emulate Wilson’s integrity, decency and fairness – and to serve “as a real taxpayers’ friend.”

Hickman brings energy, enthusiasm and enormous business and community experience to public service. He is vice president of sales and marketing at Hickman’s Family Farms, Arizona’s largest egg producer, a West Valley landmark business that started in 1944 on Grandmom Nell’s backyard porch and 50 hens. Hickman Farms now houses four million hens.

Hickman himself has 25 years in the business. And other than four years at the University of Arizona, he has spent his entire life in the West Valley. Like his predecessor Max Wilson, Hickman comes to politics after long service in community affairs and charitable causes. He is a former Honorary Commander of the 69th Fighter Squadron at Luke Air Force Base, a member of the Hunger Project, the Arizona and Maricopa County Farm Bureau and board member of the Arizona Food Marketing Association. He was appointed and served as one of the few civilian members on the Arizona Meth Project. Most recently Supervisor Hickman was elected President of the County Supervisor Association for 2015.

“I have always been a growth enthusiast, but growth in the right way,” he says. “With growth comes social, environmental and sustainability needs. I am aware of these needs and will work to help Maricopa County grow smarter for our current population and future generations.”

Hickman is a Republican and he and his wife Jennifer have two sons and a daughter. They live in the city of Goodyear.

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Maricopa County Supervisor, District 4
Phone: (602) 506-7161
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