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Wellness Works, the Wellness program for Maricopa County employees, strives to establish a work environment that promotes healthy lifestyles, decreases the risk of disease, and enhances employees quality of life.

The program encourages employees and their families to strengthen their health and well-being through physical activity, proper nutrition, self-care, and stress management.




Do You Know Your Stress Level?

ehfd logoWe often say, “I’m so stressed,” but do you know why you are stressed, or the level of your stress?

Stress is experienced as physical and emotional tension, and each of us experiences stress differently. Too much stress can be unhealthy, resulting in health issues such as occasional tension headaches, high blood pressure and difficulty sleeping. If not addressed, these health issues can lead to chronic health conditions.

Wellness Works encourages you to assess your stress to identify your current level of stress and to take five minutes out of your day to address your stress with proven stress reduction techniques. The assessment is anonymous; you will receive your stress score and its interpretation after completing the assessment.