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Wellness Works is the worksite Wellness program for Maricopa County employees. Check out this video to see the program in action and here to watch the finals of our recent Indoor Triathlon!! Click here for StayWell's case study on the Wellness program.


Have You Earned Your Wellness Incentive for Plan Year


If you are enrolled in a County-sponsored medical plan, and complete three required Be Well Activities (1. Biometric Screening, 2. Health Assessment, 3. Tobacco-Free Confirmation), you could earn up to $60/month for Plan Year 2016-2017. Schedule your Biometric Screening and complete your Health Assessment and Tobacco-Free Confirmation on the StayWell Portal.

If you do not complete these activities by September 30, 2016 your incentive will stop on November 2, 2016. If you miss the deadline, you can still complete your activities to receive your wellness incentive on a prospective basis.

Click here if you have questions about how to earn your incentive or how to monitor it in the StayWell Portal, and here to listen to a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation that explains both Plan Years 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.

You can also begin earning your Plan Year 2017-2018 Wellness Incentive. Visit the StayWell Portal to learn more.

Contact the StayWell Help Desk: 1.877.678.8926 for assistance with the StayWell Portal.

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