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Rapid Response Notification System

As the region of Maricopa County strives to meet the federal health limits for dust pollution, the awareness and actions of every individual can go a long way toward clean air.

Failing to meet the federal health standard for dust [PM10] pollution threatens public health and ultimately more than $7 billion in transportation project funding for Maricopa County.

You can help to maintain compliance with air quality standards by signing up for notification of a Rapid Response event. When dust pollution levels begin to rise, the Maricopa County Air Quality Department will send you a message notifying you of where the pollution hot spot is and what steps you will need to do to help prevent an exceedance of the health standard.

Rapid Response Notification System

A Rapid Response notification will be sent from one of the following 16 air monitoring locations.

Click on one or more sites listed below to opt in to receive notices when PM10 levels begin to rise in these areas:

Map of air monitoring locations

How it works:

When a Rapid Response notification is broadcast, the department will ask air quality permit holders with dust generating activities to inspect their site as soon as possible and employ Best Available Control Measures to stabilize all disturbed soils to reduce blowing dust.

Air Quality Department inspectors will canvass the area to ensure compliance with its dust control standards. If you see a dust control issue, give us a call and report the air quality violation at (602) 372-2703 or file a report online.

Take action tips:

Follow these tips for dust pollution prevention including control measures that can be implemented either before or during an event:

For Businesses:

  1. Apply water or dust suppressants to disturbed areas
  2. Apply water to stockpiled bulk materials
  3. Ensure that all roads, gutters and sidewalks are free of dirt/trackout
  4. Refresh trackout control devices
  5. Reduce traffic and vehicle speeds (lower than 15 mph) on unpaved roads
  6. Apply water or other control measures to unpaved roads
  7. Reschedule control measures, such as street sweepers, to occur just before an expected event
  8. Ensure that unpaved parking lots, including temporary event parking, are stabilized
  9. Limit dust generating operations (ex: focus efforts on non-dust generating operations during an event)
  10. Cease operations during an event
  11. Refrain from using leaf blowers
  12. Hold a tailgate meeting with employees before an event so that everyone knows to be extra vigilant

For Residents:

  1. Don’t drive or park on dirt. If you absolutely can’t avoid driving over dirt, drive slowly.
  2. Avoid using leaf blowers and other equipment that raise a lot of dust. Avoid using gas-powered lawn and garden equipment.
  3. Reduce fireplace and woodstove use and don’t use your wood-burning fireplace on no-burn days.
  4. Ride ATVs and other off-road vehicles in authorized areas only and never on high pollution advisory days. For authorized places to ride, visit the Arizona Game and Fish Department.
  5. Don’t burn leaves, trash, or other materials.
  6. Use propane barbecue grills rather than wood or charcoal.
  7. Maintain your landscape. Cover loose dirt with vegetation or gravel.
  8. Report serious offenders to the Maricopa County Air Quality Department: (602) 372-2703 or file a report online.
  9. Disturbing the crust raises dust. Avoid any activities that disturb the naturally-occurring protective layer of crust, especially on high pollution or high-wind days.