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Dust Compliance

The Maricopa County Air Quality Department's Compliance and Enforcement Division is responsible for protecting the public from airborne particulate matter [PM10 and PM2.5].

Dust Sources

Fugitive dust from unstable or disturbed dirt surfaces (such as construction areas, vacant lots, dirt roads and dirt tracked out onto paved surfaces) are the largest man-made contributors to the County's non-attainment of the PM10 standard. The Air Quality Department issues Dust Control Permits to citizens who plan to conduct activities that will disturb a surface area equal to or greater than 0.1 acre or the demolition of buildings. These permits require the permittee to plan their dust control measures to prevent the creation of fugitive dust (see Dust Control for details). All sites with disturbed surface areas, regardless of size, must maintain compliance with Rule 310.


The Division also manages the Residential Woodburning Rule and Ordinance, which is designed to restrict fireplace use on high pollution days (see Fireplaces for details).

Burning Activities

Open Burn Permits are issued to citizens who wish to conduct allowable burning activities. With few exceptions, open burning is not allowed without an approved permit (see Burning Activities for details).

Vacant Lots and Unpaved Areas

The Air Quality Dust Control Program also investigates dust complaints concerning vacant lots, open areas, unpaved parking lots, and commercial livestock areas. Owners are required to use dust control measures on their properties, such as stabilization media (gravel or vegetation) or preventing trespassers on the property (see Vacant Lots for details).

Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV)

Nature Rules - Curb Your Dust. Motor vehicle use on unpaved surfaces is limited in Maricopa County. Before driving, riding, or parking on any land, check with the appropriate agency about the rules and requirements. You may be subject to fines and penalties if you violate the rules and requirements. The Maricopa County OHV Map shows you land and property owners within the county. For more information on where to ride, please refer to these other helpful resources:

Arizona State Parks OHV / Nature Rules - Curb Your Dust.

Maricopa County Parks Department:

Riding is prohibited on High Pollution Advisory (HPA) days in most of Maricopa County. Sign up for HPA alerts and information at:

Agricultural Dust:

The Maricopa County Air Quality Department does not address dust complaints resulting from agricultural sources. Complaints about dust from agricultural sources should be submitted to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) using their online complaint form. ADEQ also offers a compliance assistance program for commercial farmers to ensure compliance with laws and rules that address air quality standards within the Maricopa County PM10 non-attainment area.

Compliance & Enforcement Division Primary Contacts
Kim Butler Division Manager (602) 506-7939
Albert Leo Assistant Division Manager (602) 506-6715
Afam Ugbor Inspector Supervisor (South Central Valley) (602) 506-6740
David Shaw Inspector Supervisor (Northwest Valley) (602) 372-0972
Bryan Mandalfino Inspector Supervisor (Southwest Valley) (602) 506-6714
Brian Hartley Inspector Supervisor (Northeast Valley) (602) 506-6728
Yvonne Bishara Inspector Supervisor (Central Valley) (602) 372-1838
Scott MacDonald Inspector Supervisor (Southeast Valley) (602) 506-6739
Eric Poole Inspector Supervisor (602) 506-6737

Program Contacts
Asbestos Scott MacDonald
Earthmoving/Dust Control (Rule 310) Brian Hartley
Gasoline Delivery Vehicle Testing Certification David Shaw
General Permit Sources (Gas Stations, Drycleaners, etc.) Eric Poole
Major Sources (Title V Program) Afam Ugbor
Leaf Blower Restriction Ordinance (P-25) David Shaw
Off-Road Vehicle Use in Unincorporated Areas (P-28) David Shaw
Performance Testing Richard Sumner
Residential Woodburning Restriction Ordinance (P-26) David Shaw
Rock Products/Asphalt/Concrete (Rule 316) Bryan Mandalfino
Stationary Sources (Non-Title V Program) Eric Poole
Vacant Lot Stabilization Program (Rule 310.01) Yvonne Bishara
Vehicle Idling Ordinance (P-21) David Shaw
Vehicle Parking on Unstable Vacant lots (P-27) David Shaw