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Quality Workforce
Strategic Priority Maintain a quality, diverse, and innovative workforce and equip County employees with tools and technology they need to do their jobs safely and well

Maricopa County is one of the largest employers in the Valley. We want to be seen as one of the best. We recognize the crucial role our employees play in achieving our success as an organization. We value our employees and we try to show that by our actions. By trying to stay competitive in salaries and benefits. By offering training opportunities that promote their effectiveness and safety, enhance their qualifications and long-term career prospects of our employees. By empowering them to innovate and excel. By communicating effectively with them and listening to them. By showing them appreciation for their efforts. By equipping them with the tools, skills, technology, workspace and time to do their jobs safely and well.

The career opportunity at Maricopa County ought to be a journey that our employees see as working for them and their families and one that other talented people will want to join and be a part of.

FY 2011-2015 Strategic Goals:

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  • Strategic Goal #1: By 2015, the voluntary turnover rate of full-time employees will be maintained at or below 10%.
  • Strategic Goal #2: By 2015, the percent of employees indicating they are satisfied with their jobs at Maricopa County will be 85% or greater.

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