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Quality Transportation
Strategic Priority Contribute to a safe and effective transportation system

Any measure of quality of life in Arizona will place transportation, roads and highways, high on the priority list. This has been true from Maricopa County’s earliest days. What is now known as Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) was first established in 1871, in Territorial Days, when the county was just being formed. Yet, the mission has not changed: To design, build and maintain county roadways in unincorporated areas. Ours is a sprawling land area, encompassing 9,224 square miles, larger than seven states.

County roads are critical to link the farming communities to our urban centers, our urban centers to rural Arizona and to serve the several population centers that are not incorporated municipalities, including the Sun Cities, Sun Lakes, New River, and Rio Verde.

But the county mission does not end with construction and maintenance of 2,500 miles of roadways. Maricopa County plays a key role in the intelligent transportation effort, using technology to monitor road conditions, alert motorists and dispatch emergency response personnel, enhancing public safety and convenience.

FY 2011-2015 Strategic Goals:

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  • Strategic Goal #1: By 2015, Maricopa County will reduce the number of intersection fatalities in unincorporated County areas from 13 to 10, an improvement of 23% over 2007.
  • Strategic Goal #2: By 2013, 85% of Maricopa County paved roadway system mileage will have a pavement condition rating of “very good or better,” an improvement of 3.3% over 2010.

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