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Measles Outbreak 2016

All Clinicians Should:

  1. Take precautions to ensure your patients are not exposed by:
    • Posting the attached signage outside of your facility with surgical masks available
    • Having patients with febrile rash illness report to a back door or provide the last appointment of the day to prevent exposing other patients
    • Having suspect cases wear surgical masks in common areas when airborne isolation is not available
    • Immediately mask and place patients presenting with a febrile rash illness in airborne isolation if available, obtain vaccine and travel history.
  2. Consider measles as a diagnosis for patients with a febrile rash illness and immediately report this to your local health department.
  3. Coordinate with your local health department for specimen collection, transport, and testing for suspect measles cases.
  4. Make sure your staff is fully immunized.
    • Healthcare workers should receive two doses of MMR, regardless of year of birth, unless they have documentation of previous immunity (e.g., a positive titer).

Accelerated Vaccine Recommendation

Note: Due to the widespread measles exposures in Pinal County, Pinal County Health Service District recommends an accelerated MMR vaccine schedule to residents of Pinal County who have had exposure to measles or have been in the affected areas with known exposure (Casa Grande, Eloy, Arizona City, Coolidge, San Tan Valley and Stanfield). Maricopa County does NOT recommend an accelerated MMR vaccine schedule for Maricopa County residents at this time. If Maricopa County health care providers treat patients who are Pinal County residents or patients with frequent exposure to Pinal County, offering an accelerated MMR vaccine schedule is recommended. Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) has been notified of the accelerated schedule recommendation in Pinal County and additional MMR doses should be reimbursed by AHCCCS.

Information regarding an accelerated schedule from the 2015 Red Book: “During a community-wide outbreak affecting infants, MMR vaccine has been shown to be efficacious and may be recommended for infants 6 through 11 months of age. However, seroconversion rates after MMR immunization are significantly lower in children immunized before the first birthday than in children immunized after the first birthday because of the presence of maternal antibody in some children. Therefore, doses received prior to the first birthday should not count toward the recommended 2-dose series. Children immunized before their first birthday should be reimmunized with MMR or MMRV vaccine at 12 through 15 months of age (at least 28 days after the initial measles immunization) and again at school entry (4 through 6 years of age).”

Important ADHS Links for clinicians:

To report cases or for additional information, please contact your local health department.

For more information on measles, please visit the ADHS measles webpage.

For updates on this situation, please visit the ADHS public information website.

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