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Groundwater Project

Status Update – February 2013
On February 13, 2013, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality approved an Additional Site Characterization Work Plan prepared by Maricopa County for the Cave Creek Landfill. This work plan documents the results of recent investigations and presents a plan to collect additional information supporting remedial action development for the groundwater underlying the landfill. Starting in March 2013, at least three new deep soil vapor extraction wells will be installed on landfill property in accordance with the work plan. Drilling activities associated with the new vapor wells may continue through June 2013 and will generally be conducted during the regular work week (Monday through Friday), although some weekend work may occasionally be required.

A separate drilling program will also be conducted near the eastern property boundary of the landfill by the Maricopa County Waste Resources and Recycling Management Department in the Spring of 2013. These drilling activities support routine landfill monitoring and maintenance.

Notice of Work to be Performed - October 24, 2011
Beginning in the 4th quarter 2011, Maricopa County will install and sample a groundwater monitor well to monitor groundwater conditions down gradient from the Cave Creek Landfill. The monitor well will be installed in exploratory boring TB-1, which was advanced in the spring of 2011. TB-1 is located due south of the Southeast corner of the landfill, on public land. To minimize impact to the residents, work hours will be limited to daylight hours. Work will be performed in 10-day increments to minimize the county's time onsite. The area will be surrounded with a lockable fabric lined fence to minimize the visual impact of the project and separate residents from the working area. Following completion of the work, the area will be restored to its pre-work condition.

Questions may be directed to Ms. Cari Gerchick, Maricopa County Communications Director (602) 506-6453

Groundwater Testing Status Overview - August 22, 2011.
Based on the data collected to date and discussion with ADEQ, TCE in groundwater south of the new landfill is defined to the 5 µg/L Maximum Contaminant Level; therefore, no additional monitor wells are necessary south of the new landfill at this time. The plume does not appear to extend under homes to the south and east of the landfill. Currently the County is proposing to characterize groundwater downgradient of the old landfill. Additional characterization will include the installation of one groundwater monitor well near the access road to the transfer station on the southern edge of the old landfill. Additionally the County intends to implement an extended Soil Vapor Extraction pilot test the earliest possible opportunity, possibly as early as the 3rd quarter of 2011, pending receipt of an air permit. The long-term groundwater quality and gradient trends remain under evaluation. Monthly groundwater level monitoring and quarterly groundwater sampling is ongoing. Additionally quarterly landfill gas monitoring is ongoing. Possible remedies will consider the groundwater conditions down gradient of both landfills. A Remedial Action Plan (RAP) will be prepared once these additional data are collected. A RAP is anticipated to be submitted to ADEQ in 2012.

This webpage has been created to provide information about the Groundwater Project occurring near the closed Cave Creek Landfill. We have done our best to provide all documents relevant to the project on this webpage. If you should have any additional comments, concerns or questions, please email them to:

Cari Gerchick
Communications Director for Maricopa County

We will do our best to answer project related questions through this website or through return email to you.

Additional Site Characterization Work Plan Cave Creek Landfill
Cave Creek Landfill Groundwater Investigation Presentation

Groundwater Project Frequently Asked Questions

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