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Food Related Product Recalls

In order to access the most current information regarding national product recalls announced by the Food & Drug Association (FDA), please visit the FDA’s website.

Those interested in receiving notices of Class I Recalls sent directly to their e-mail accounts, can also subscribe to the FDA Recall and Alert Information, by registering on the hyperlink provided below.

Subscribe to Recall and Alert Information

You will receive these recall notices as soon as they are posted on the FDA’s web site.

Only subscribe if you want to constantly receive these e-mail recall notifications. Otherwise, in order to learn about current product recalls, you can regularly visit the FDA’s website.

Please be aware that not all the announced recalls necessarily apply to Arizona or Maricopa County.


When provided, please click any Link below for information on food recall(s) announced for Maricopa County. Please note that this/these may Not be the only recall(s) potentially affecting Maricopa County. For a complete list, please visit the FDA's Food Recall Web site provided on top portion of this page.

Maricopa County residents can call the Environmental Services Department Advisories Hotline, number: (602) 506-7600, for brief automated information regarding any product recalls of concern or interest for county residents.