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Closure and Inspection Requirements

Arizona Administrative Code R-18-9-A309
Maricopa Environmental Health Code Chapter 2 Section 8

Closure requirements: A permit holder who permanently discontinues the use of or wishes to close an on-site-wastewater treatment facility (septic systems), or is ordered by the Director to close and abandon a facility shall:

  1. Submit a Public Record Request if the existing septic permit is unknown or not in the possession of the current owner. The existing permit information is required before submitting a Closure/Abandonment Permit.
  2. Submit completed General Application, copy of deed, site plan to scale, any associated permit numbers, and $175 permit fee.
  3. Remove all sewage from the facility and dispose of it in a lawful manner.
  4. Disconnect and remove electrical and mechanical components.
  5. Cut and plug both ends of the abandoned sewer drain pipe between the building and the on-site wastewater treatment facility no more than five feet outside the building foundation, if practical, or cut and plug as close to each end as possible.
  6. Fill any disposal cavity (e.g. cesspool, lined pit)
  7. Complete closure by either of the following two methods:
    1. Remove entire tank, call for inspection prior to backfilling cavity OR
    2. Remove and break tank lid, punch hole in bottom of tank and call for inspection

    Abandonment/Closure inspection phone number:
    Business Hours: 602-506-1787.
    Have permit number available when you call.

  8. After inspection, approval and receipt of White Tag continue with construction.
    Fill the
    1. cavity or
    2. tank with approved material consisting of earth, sand, gravel, concrete or other approved fill material.
  9. Or submit completed abandonment affidavit. This affidavit must be completed by a licensed contractor.
  10. Regrade surface to provide positive drainage.

*If closure/abandonment is required during a repair or alteration, follow the directions in that construction permit to submit Certification of Completion for the septic tank installation.


Please contact the Onsite Wastewater Program at with any questions or concerns you may have.