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Variance/HACCP Coordinator

The QA/QC- Enforcement Division has one Variance/HACCP Coordinator:

Variance/HACCP Program Activities:

  • The Variance/HACCP Program Coordinator assists the Division and Environmental Health specialist staff. The Variance/HACCP Program Coordinator provides technical and investigational assistance regarding food science, food code variances and HACCP plans. The HACCP Program Coordinator also plans in-service training and professional development. This occasionally may require speaking to groups in a classroom, field or lecture type setting. Audiences may include division staff as well as civic and professional groups.
  • The Variance/HACCP Program Coordinator consults directly with owners and executives from the food industry, government officials, and professors from private and public academia. The Division Manager of Environmental Health is frequently consulted and makes the final determination on the approval or disapproval of food code variances. This process is as follows:
    • The Variance/HACCP Program Coordinator assists the division in the planning and development of Environmental Health Program interpretations as they relate to the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code (MCEHC). The MCEHC is applied in the investigation of cultural and specialized food processes and procedures.
    • The Coordinator assists and provides input in developing Policies and Procedures (such as Division Standard Operating Procedures and inspection tips). The Variance/HACCP Program Coordinator may interpret such policies/procedures for staff and/or the public
    • The Variance/HACCP Program Coordinator reports directly to the QA/QC Program Coordinator.