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Staff Training and Development

Staff Training and Development Activities:

  • Training of new environmental health specialists. The Department has an 8-10 week training program. The training officers plan, prioritize, assign, and review the daily work of newly assigned staff. They perform field ride-a-longs to provide guidance, training and answers to technical questions. They consult with inspection staff routinely to resolve issues. They provide input into performance evaluations by tracking and monitoring core job activities and goals.
  • The training officers are responsible for supervising new staff during their initial training period. This includes, but is not limited to, conducting field inspections, reviewing inspection reports, and providing feedback on their progress throughout the training period. Field evaluations, performance management plans, and evaluations for the training period are the responsibility of the training officers. Documents inspection data to determine compliance. Makes determinations and recommendations regarding compliance
  • The training officers are responsible for providing training opportunities for all Department Registered Sanitarians. The main objective of this training is to ensure that all staff meets their required 12 annual contact hours in order to maintain their required Registration.
  • The Trainers have extensive knowledge of all aspects of Public Health as related to food and all other codes utilized by the Department. The training officers must often attend various conferences, seminars and planning meetings in order to attain and maintain this knowledge.
  • The training officers assist and provide input in developing Department Policies and Procedures. The training officers may be required to interpret the policies/procedures for staff and/or the public.
  • The position requires that the training officers pass FDA requirements for standardization with current food codes. In this capacity, the training officers will coordinate standardization activities and act as a lead in the formal standardization of field staff. In addition, the training officers act as a liaison with the FDA, USDA, ADA and other agencies researching technical questions. The training officers must be proficient in computer and networking skills.
  • The training officers report directly to the program supervisor for QA/QC.