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Working with our community to ensure
a safe and healthy environment.

Language Liaisons

Language Liaison staff are Registered Sanitarians who work collaboratively with establishments in which there exists a barrier to the English language. They also work with the citizens of Maricopa County through public outreach. Staff educates and assists our Spanish and Chinese language permit holders to ensure and maintain compliance with codes and regulations. This includes inspecting permitted facilities assigned to the program, conducting training exercises, providing educational materials such as food safety handouts, and executing legal enforcement action if necessary. Program staff also accompanies EH Regional Office Environmental Health Specialists to their permitted establishments when a language barrier exists and they conduct training ride-alongs to assist in verbal translations with Spanish and/or Chinese speaking operators.

The Environmental Services Department has the following Hispanic and Chinese Liaisons:

Hispanic Liaison:

Magali Bustillos
Phone: (602) 526-6191

Chinese Liaison:

Bin Yuan
Phone: (602) 527-1365