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Food Service Worker Fee Waiver Information

The MCESD Food Service Worker Volunteer Training Certificate is issued to individuals of an eligible non-profit organization and schools that submit a Fee Waiver Application and are granted a fee waiver for the Food Service Worker training.

How does an eligible non-profit organization apply for a fee waiver for Food Service Worker Training?

A waiver of fee may be granted only to the operator of an establishment, which maintains a current 501(c)(3) tax exempt designations from the Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, who demonstrates to the Board of Health that payment - of said fee will cause financial hardship.

Environmental Health Code Ch. 1, Reg. 5(a)

  • The organization must be a nonprofit establishment holding a current 501(c)(3)
  • The organization must provide relief solely for the poor, distressed or underprivileged
  • The organization must demonstrate that payment of permit fee will cause financial hardship.

The following must be submitted to Environmental Services Department before the Board of Health can approve or deny fee waiver.

  • A completed Fee Waiver Application, available at
  • A copy of the organization’s current 501(c)(3)
  • A copy of the organization’s current federal tax form 990 or yearly financial statement.

How can an individual use a Food Service Worker Training Certificate?

The Food Service Worker Training Certificate is intended to be used only in the establishment that was approved for the fee waiver and cannot be duplicated or transferred to any other establishment. If an individual of this establishment needs a regular Food Service Worker training for another establishment for employment, they will need to follow the steps outlined in MCESD’s Food Service Worker Information. The fee waived for the training will be $10.00

Does the individual still have to take a test?

Yes. The granted fee waiver will only cover the cost of training provided by MCESD. This fee waiver is not transferrable to any other organization or division. You must be prepared to test at the schedule testing time for your establishment in which fee waiver was granted. A refresher Food Safety Video and Hand Washing Video will be provided with a follow up discussion of Food Code changes for the first hour. You will then have an hour to take a 40 multiple choice question test and must get at least 32 out of 40 to pass. Study Guides are available in English, Spanish and Chinese on our Study Guides page.

Do individuals need to show Lawful presence to obtain the Food Service Worker Training Certificate?

Yes. Please refer to Proof of Legal Status/ID webpage.

What does the individual and/or the organization do with the Food Service Worker Training Certificate?

The individual shall provide their Food Service Worker Certificate to the establishment, and the establishment shall maintain on its premises a separate file containing the Food Service Worker Training Certificate. This file shall be accessible to the Environmental Health Officer for review upon request.

Fee Waiver application is available at:

Study guides are available at: