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Online Sanitation Course & Test

Maricopa County Environmental Services Department (MCESD) restructured their Food Service Worker Program (Program) to create a standardized educational experience for our customers. The Program moved from six online course sponsoring organizations (CSO) to a sole provider, State Food Safety.

By Partnering with regulatory agencies and food service operators throughout the country, StateFoodSafety has developed the industry's leading online training course for food handlers. This company provides online food handler sanitation courses and testing for various government agencies and only the site specifically developed for Maricopa County can be utilized to acquire the MCESD issued Food Handler Card. The Maricopa County State Food Safety site includes a 90 minute course that offers engaging sanitation training and testing on critical food handler issues from personal hygiene, cross contamination to time and temperature abuse. The course is presented in a fully interactive, audio-visual format in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Two-steps to get your Food Service Worker Card:

Step 1: Visit Maricopa County State Food Safety to take the online sanitation course and test. (If you do not have a credit card for the online payment, visit a MCESD location to pay the $8.00 sanitation course and test fee. Also, if you do not have a computer you may visit a MCESD location with a kiosk for internet access.)

Step 2: Once you have passed the online test, you must bring all of the following to a MCESD regional office for card issuance:

  • Maricopa County State Food Safety Certificate of Completion.
  • Proof of Legal Status/ID
  • $5.00 fee for card (optional $3.00 for each duplicate or card)

The Food Service Worker Card is valid for a period of three years from the time you passed the test. Upon Food Service Worker Card expiration, the sanitation course and test is again required to obtain a new card. The fee to take the online sanitation course and test is $8.00 whether it is taken at a MCESD office, a library, your home or elsewhere. When the test is passed, the fee for the card is $5.00. An original of the card must be kept at the workplace. Those who plan to work at multiple job locations or wish to retain a copy for their own records can request a duplicate card for $3.00. If you have misplaced, lost or need a replacement card during the 3 year valid card period, please visit a MCESD regional office IN PERSON with your Valid ID. We only issue cards in person and to the person to whom the card was originally issued. We accept cash and credit cards at our five offices.

Note: Accommodations can be made for individuals with disabilities and/or special needs. Please visit the Maricopa County State Food Safety website for more information.