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Myths And Misunderstandings

MYTH: Sanitizers are as good as washing your hands.

TRUTH: washing your hands with soap and water is the most effective way to remove germs. Sanitizer can be used in addition to washing your hands, or as a substitute only in cases where water and soap are not available.

MYTH: I have food poisoning. It must be my last meal that made me sick.

TRUTH: Most of the bacteria, viruses and parasites that cause foodborne illness take at least 1 day after eating a contaminated food to cause any illness. So it is likely that it was not your most recent meal that made you sick. Try to think of the items you consumed for the last 3 days before you became ill. When you place a complaint against an establishment, you will be asked about your food history.

MYTH: The restaurant was dirty. That’s why I am sick.

TRUTH: The pathogens that make you sick – bacteria, viruses and parasites are what make you ill, not the cleanliness of a restaurant. Food must be kept in temperature, employees must practice proper hygiene, and clean utensils must be used between raw and ready to eat items to prevent foodborne illness.

MYTH: I placed a complaint. Will the restaurant be shut down?

TRUTH: Probably not. When you place a complaint, the establishment is put under surveillance for 2 weeks. If another complaint from an unrelated person is received for the same establishment, then an outbreak investigation is triggered. At that point, the next step is determined based upon the number of complaints, the severity of the pathogen, the food item in question, the results of any samples collected and the environment in the establishment.