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Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is the disposing of waste in unauthorized or unpermitted areas. Illegal dumping is commonly found in uninhabited desert areas, open lots, along roadways, in alleys and at construction sites. Most illegal dumping occurs to avoid either disposal fees at landfills or the time and effort required for proper disposal.

Items illegally dumped may include: household garbage, business trash, construction and demolition waste, appliances, tires, furniture, landscape and yard waste, mattresses, waste/used oil, chemicals and/or medical waste.

The Department investigates citizen's complaints of illegal dumping to protect the health of Maricopa county residents through Maricopa County Environmental Health Code enforcement. The Department does not provide cleanup or collection services

What can be done about illegal dumping in Maricopa County?

Report it!

Identify the exact location of the dumpsite. Identify the closest major cross streets. Try to identify the person or Company that did the illegal dumping. Describe what is in the dumpsite.

**Do not enter or dig through the site**

If the dumpsite is within a City listed below, click on their web page and report it online or contact them by phone.

Illegal dumping in Maricopa County that is outside of city limits can be reported online to the Environmental Services Complaint Line or by phone, either by calling (602) 506-6616 or 602-506-DUMP.

To help residents reduce the amount of waste deposited in illegal dumping sites and at local landfills, Maricopa County has several household hazardous waste collection and recycling locations throughout the valley. For more information on Maricopa County waste and recycling locations, please visit the following website,