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Standards Committee Meeting

The mission of the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department (Department) Standards Committee is to provide a time for standards to come together and discuss food code and to help our staff members provide consistent documentation of violations, and ensuring that our stakeholders understand the reasoning behind the decisions.
The vision is that all field inspectors and supervisors have a place to go with their questions and know that each item will be discussed with the division as a whole, that feedback (both discussion and code references) will be brought back to each office and inspectors will be consistently giving the same message to operators.
  • The Department currently has three (3) staff members that have been standardized by the FDA. Those staff members then standardize supervisors in each office who then will standardize their staff.

    The procedure is that each Environmental Health Specialist (EHS) field staff notifies their supervisor of any code questions or interpretations that they may have. If supervisors are unable to give an answer or want more clarification, they will then send that information to the training officers and training supervisor. Once received, the question is sent to everyone on the standards committee so that they can start researching it and discussing it in their office. The question is also added to the agenda for the next Standards Committee meeting.

    We also welcome questions from establishments/stakeholders if there are any topics that need to be brought up. To submit questions, please contact your local health inspector.

    The members will then meet and use codes, Department policies, and any supporting documentation to come up with a decision collaboratively and by consensus as to how the issue will be addressed by the Division. If the issue cannot be resolved, the committee may seek guidance from the FDA, USDA, ADA, Management team and/or Director if needed.

    Any recent changes to local, State or Federal codes may also be discussed.

We would like to invite our stakeholders to attend the Department’s internal Standards Committee meetings. These meetings are conducted quarterly.
Meeting Minutes and Decisions:
January 4th