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 Working with our community to ensure
 a safe and healthy environment.

Institutional Care/Day Care/Jails/Food Processors

The Institutional Care Program is responsible for inspecting all licensed day care, assisted living, boarding homes and county jail facilities. This program conducts routine inspections according to the delegation agreement with the Arizona Department of Environmental Services.

Day care facilities are adult and childcare centers which are licensed by the State of Arizona and engaged in serving meals. Enteric illness investigations are done at the request of the Maricopa County Public Health department.

Licensed assisted living facilities include nursing homes, supervisory care, personal care and directed care. This program also inspects County jail kitchens and living areas of un-sentenced jail inmates.

The Food Processor Program is a program designed to bring a greater level of expertise to food establishments with high volume food production and/or complex food processes and equipment.

For more information regarding these programs, contact:

  • 602-506-6272