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 Working with our community to ensure
 a safe and healthy environment.

Plan Review Fees

Application Type
Plan Review Fees
Effective 8-1-2010
Eating & Drinking Establishments (0-9 Seating) $ 545.00
School Facilities Food Service $ 480.00
All Other Food Establishments $ 615.00
Pet Shop and Groomer $ 520.00
Public / Residence Accommodation(s) $ 680.00
School Grounds $ 640.00
Other Minor Review $ 245.00
New Business Owner Inspection $ 315.00

Expedited Plan Review Fee is Two Times the plan review fee.

No person shall commence construction unless the required plans have been approved. It shall be the full responsibility of said person that construction be in conformance with the approved plans and specifications.

If construction has begun prior to plan submittal to this Department, the applicant will be required to expedite their plans and pay all associated fees.

*All fees are subject to change