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Welcome message from the County Manager

Maricopa County is balancing the challenges of rapid population growth and demands for services such as public safety, with a careful allocation of revenues to meet public service needs. The county does so on the basis of a Five-year Business Plan.

Over the past decade, Maricopa County has had its bond rating upgraded by Moody's four times. The county's bonded indebtedness was paid off in 2004. The combined primary and secondary property tax rates were held flat for seven years and now are being systematically reduced. The county is nevertheless investing heavily in infrastructure, anticipating future growth. A total of about $1 billion in capital expenditures will be completed over the next five years, using mostly pay-as-you-go financing. These include projects in criminal justice and juvenile detention facilities, roads and bridges, flood control, technology, general fund buildings, and new courthouses. All of this is pursuant to a 20-year infrastructure plan.

The county's strategic plan has seven strategies, including a five-year revenues/expenditures financial model. These strategies involve justice and law enforcement, community health, community services, employee excellence, financial and capital improvement, and regional leadership, among others. Each strategy contains a variety of programs and policies designed to move this community of 4 million people progressively to a better quality of life.

A major administrative initiative is the Managing for Results integrated management system. This requires measurable outcomes for every major function of the county. This includes a spectrum of efficiency measures, customer satisfaction surveys, benchmarks, use of best practices, and emphasis on continuous innovation.

Our definition of excellence is delivering full value to the taxpayer and citizen for every dollar spent.

Tom Manos

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Tom Manos, County Manager
Tom Manos
County Manager


Citizens serving citizens by working collaboratively, innovatively, efficiently, and effectively.

We will be responsive to our customers while being fiscally prudent.


The mission of Maricopa County is to provide regional leadership and fiscally responsible, necessary public services so that residents can enjoy living in a healthy and safe community.


  • Public Interest First
  • Open and Honest
  • Accountable
  • Measure Results
  • Relentless Improvement
  • Communicate and Collaborate
  • All People Realize Their Full Potential

Strategic Priorities

  • Safe Communities
  • Access to Justice
  • Public Health
  • Individual Empowerment
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Effective Economy
  • Quality Transportation
  • Citizen Satisfaction
  • Fiscal Strength
  • Quality Workforce
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